The agreement signed with the Portuguese State on November 13th 2012 specifies that MTI has a period of 4 years to define the mining operations feasibility. During this period, MTI is engaged in conduct all the studies needed, including the Environment and Social Impact Assessment and an accurate description of the iron deposits in the area through rigorous analysis, evaluations and quantification processes, complying with the industry international standards.

For that reason, MTI hasn’t yet startedá

any recruitment process because the field works and desk research will be mainly developed by outsourced specialized companies to be hired by MTI.

Nevertheless, during this 4 year period, MTI or any of the outsourced companies mentioned above may decide to start recruitment processes for specific tasks that, eventually, will be needed to set in place the field works.

Whenever that happens, the recruitment process will be announced in this website with the job offers and MTI will provide the necessary form to submit the applications.

For any further information or inquiry, please send us an email to Thank you.